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Cloud Desktop is a fully managed desktop service (Desktop as a service) that is hosted in the cloud. The service is charged per user per month. Organisations can control and predict end user costs more accurately and extend the life of end user devices.

Cloud Desktop is offered as a standard Microsoft Windows desktop experience and is rendered securely form the data centre. Applications that are supported on a Microsoft Windows can be installed in the Cloud Desktop. Users can connect to the desktop using any device (PC, laptop, thin client, smartphone, tablet etc...) from anywhere.


Cloud Desktop boasts the following features:

  • No capital outlay is required.
  • Only pay for provisioned users.
  • Predictable per user cost.
  • Access from any device from anywhere.
  • Access to the latest Microsoft software.
  • No need for expensive desktop upgrade projects.
  • No need to manage end users.
  • Fully managed service with Active directory management.
  • All user data is centralised, secured and backed up daily.
  • Flexibility to add users in minutes.
  • Month by month contracts.