Self Service Portal

The Silicon Sky Self-Service Portal provides a single console view of all Virtual Servers hosted with Silicon Sky. This is available for our Cloud Server and Virtual Data Centres services. IT administration tasks can be performed through the portal. The administration tasks that can now be performed are as follows:

  • Provision groups of Virtual Servers (vApps)
  • Provision Virtual Servers
  • Provision Virtual Servers from a number of predefined templates
  • Provision Virtual Servers from predefined networks
  • Provision Servers from Multiple Tiers of Storage
  • Start, Stop, Reboot & Delete Virtual Servers
  • Upgrade Virtual Server CPU, RAM and/or Storage
  • Console access to Virtual Servers
  • Assign role based access control per User

The Self-Service Portal also allows for the following monitoring and control services:


CPU, RAM, Storage and Network per Virtual Server


View users and catalogues


vApp templates


Assigned networks

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