virtual data centre

Silicon Sky Offers a Virtual Data Centre Service that is a virtual resource pool consisting of CPU, RAM, storage and network. You can choose the amount of resources you require for your Virtual Data Centre and scale up or down when needed. Gold Storage (SSD) and Silver Storage (10K) Tiers are available.

We can extend or create your own private network for your Virtual Data Centre while choosing from multiple firewall options. Provision your own Virtual Servers or Virtual Apps through our self-service portal. Many Virtual Machine Image templates are available for fast provisioning. You can manage and monitor your Virtual Servers through our self-service Portal.

  • Built on industry leading DELL networking, servers and storage hardware
  • Built on VMware vSphere hypervisor software
  • Powerful Intel Xeon Gold and Platinum processors
  • Scale from 8Ghz of CPU
  • Scale from 16GB of RAM
  • Scale from 100GB of Storage
  • Virtual Data Centres are secured through physical firewalls
  • 24×7 monitoring & support
  • Hosted in South Africa’s premium data centres
  • Virtual Data Centre backups are available
  • Many Windows and Linux templates available
  • Monitor and manage through our self-service portal

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