Silicon Sky can host several workshops to understand your IT objectives and infrastructure challenges. The requirements can be prioritised, and an agreed action plan is formulated to address your challenges.

An assessment consists of an in-depth analysis of your environment. The outcome of the assessment determines the recommendations for the future environment to meet business needs. An architectural design is provided to identify the future state benefits and the ability to move to a detailed design.

The design and implementation include a detailed micro-design of the technology proposed based on reference architectures. Implementation guidelines and risk mitigation are identified before delivery. Implementation consists of project management, system integration, full production implementation, training and support procedures.

Whether you are migrating to the cloud or migrating from physical to virtual, Silicon Sky has professional services teams that can assist in you along your journey.

Our team of dedicated IT professionals can provide you with advice and assistance in a range of areas, from workshopping your IT objectives to assessments and design of your desired environment.

How can our Professional Services team help you?

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